Carpentry and Framing

Our team delivers precise carpentry and framing services that create sturdy and beautiful structures customized to your needs. We ensure every piece fits perfectly, establishing a strong foundation for your building.

Quality Carpentry and Framing Services for Your Home in Houston

Are you looking for carpentry and framing services for your home in Houston? Look no further than our team of skilled professionals who specialize in delivering top-quality, reliable, and affordable solutions to meet all your needs. Whether you need a custom-built deck or a custom kitchen installed, our team has the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

At Torres B Pro Build, we understand that your home is your sanctuary, and you want it perfect. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail in every project we take on, ensuring that the result not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Our team is dedicated to working closely with you to understand your needs and preferences and deliver a solution that matches your vision for your dream home.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Carpenter for Framing Work

  • High-Quality Work: A professional carpenter has the skills and expertise to provide high-quality work. They can identify potential issues before they become major problems and know how to ensure the framing is sturdy, level, and square. This results in a finished product that is visually appealing, safe, and structurally sound.
  • Time and Cost Savings: While tackling framing work on your own may seem like a good idea, it can be more expensive and time-consuming than hiring a professional. Professional carpenter has access to the tools and materials needed to complete the job efficiently and the experience to avoid common mistakes that can lead to costly repairs or delays.
  • Building Codes and Permits: Professional carpenters are well-versed in building codes and regulations, and they can ensure that your project meets all local requirements. They also have experience in obtaining necessary permits and inspections, which can save you time and hassle.

Types of Carpentry and Framing Services

Rough Carpentry

Rough carpentry is the first stage in building a structure. It involves the construction of the basic framework of the building, including the floor, walls, and roof.

Finish Carpentry

Finish carpentry is the final stage in building a structure. It involves the installation of doors, windows, trim, molding, and other decorative elements that give a building a finished look.

Custom Carpentry

Custom carpentry involves the creation of unique and bespoke woodwork that is tailored to the needs of the client. This includes custom cabinets, bookcases, and furniture.


Framing involves the construction of the structural framework of a building. This includes the installation of beams, columns, and load-bearing walls.


Decking involves the construction of outdoor decks and patios. This includes the installation of the decking material, stairs, railings, and other features.


Siding involves the installation of the exterior cladding of a building. This includes the installation of vinyl, wood, or other materials.


Restoration involves the repair and restoration of historic buildings and structures. This includes the repair of damaged woodwork, windows, and doors.


Maintenance involves the regular upkeep and repair of a building's woodwork. This includes the repair of damaged or rotting wood and the refinishing of wood surfaces.

Why Choose Us

Experience and Expertise

Our deck builders have years of experience designing and constructing high-quality decks. We can create a custom deck to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Attention to Detail

Our commitment is to give you the best service possible. We will work closely with you from design to final touches to ensure that your deck turns out exactly as you envisioned it.

Quality Materials

We only use top-quality materials to ensure that your deck will stand the test of time. The materials used in building a deck are just as important as the design and construction.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. Our goal is to provide the best value for your investment in building a deck. With transparent pricing, you can get a beautiful...

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Our expert team of deck builders has the skills and experience needed to create a stunning outdoor space that perfectly complements your home. We use only the highest quality materials and offer a variety of styles and designs to choose from. Plus, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your new deck meets all your needs and exceeds all your expectations.

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