Wrought Iron Fence

With our expertise in crafting high-quality wrought iron fences, you can trust us to provide a fence that adds security to your property and enhances its visual appeal.

Add Charm and Character to Your Houston Home with a Wrought Iron Fence!

If you want to give your Houston home a touch of elegance and sophistication, consider installing a wrought iron fence. Not only do these fences provide security and privacy, but they also add charm and character to any property. With their ornate designs and durable construction, wrought iron fences are a timeless addition that can enhance the beauty of your home for years to come.

Torres B Pro Build is one of the top contractors in Houston specializing in custom wrought iron fences tailored to your specific needs. We build residential and commercial fences using high-quality wrought iron fence materials. We also make gates with wrought iron fence materials, including sliding gates and double swing gates, and we install and service automatic gate openers for all gates.

Why Choose Wrought Iron Fence

  • Durability: Wrought iron is renowned for its strength and durability, withstanding harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, strong winds, and extreme temperatures. Proper maintenance allows a wrought iron fence to maintain structural integrity for decades.
  • Security: Wrought iron fences offer superior security for homes and properties due to their sturdy construction and intricate designs. They are difficult for intruders to breach, and the fence height can be customized for added security.
  • Aesthetics: Wrought iron fences are valued for their timeless elegance, adding sophistication and curb appeal to any property. With various ornamental designs, they can be customized to match different architectural styles.
  • Low maintenance: Wrought iron fences are low maintenance as they are resistant to rot, pests, and decay. They may require occasional repainting or rust treatment to maintain their look. Compared to other materials, wrought iron fences are relatively easy to maintain.
  • Versatility: Wrought iron is versatile and can be customized to fit different design preferences and property layouts. It offers flexibility in height, pattern, and decorative elements, allowing for simple or elaborate designs to meet your requirements.
  • Transparency: Unlike solid wood or vinyl fences, wrought iron fences offer a level of transparency. This allows for unobstructed views of the surrounding area, providing an open and spacious feel to the property while maintaining security.

Wrought Iron Fence Styles


Ornamental wrought iron fences feature intricate designs and decorative elements. They often have scrollwork, finials, or floral patterns incorporated into the design, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the fence.


Picket-style wrought iron fences have vertical bars or pickets evenly spaced apart. The pickets can be straight, pointed, or decorative in design. This style provides a more open look while still maintaining security.


Privacy wrought iron fences are designed with closely spaced bars or panels to offer more seclusion. These fences are often taller and have minimal gaps between the bars, providing increased privacy for the property.


Victorian-style wrought iron fences are characterized by their elaborate and detailed designs. They often feature intricate patterns, curves, and ornate decorations, reflecting the architectural style popular during the Victorian era.


Gothic-style wrought iron fences are inspired by medieval architecture and design. They typically have pointed arches, spear-shaped pickets, and a more dramatic and imposing appearance.


Contemporary wrought iron fences feature clean lines and a more minimalist design. They often have simple geometric shapes and a sleek, modern look, which can complement contemporary architectural styles.

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